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Do you reconstruct flats and need to simplify your work with preparing quotations?
Also need a system to manage your projects and employees?

Try RENOV.app for one motnh free!

Application description:
Use RENOV.app to provide your clients with professional accurate and detailed quotes that increase customer confidence.

Even complex bids can be prepared in a moment , just select a template and choose room dimensions. Everything else happens automatically. The offer can then be edited in detail in the project editor. During editing, everything needed is automatically recalculated and here it is also primarily to feel how much time you save using our application.

You can easily change the appearance and wording of the offer (contract) by switching in the selection of contract templates and immediately print or send to the client.

The app also includes simple employee management, attendance tracking, payroll computing, projects calendar, profit statistics and many other useful features.

Everything will run without installation in your web browser (on your computer, tablet or smartphone). You must have internet connection.

Application price:
Price of the application is 37.00€ monthly. First month free to try. Sign up

Application calculates:
  • total cost of labor and materials
  • material consumption
  • weight of material
  • weight of construction waste

Application contains:
  • price offer templates
    just enter the room size and the new bid is ready
  • projects calendar
    holidays support
  • price list of works and materials
    as a basis for creating offers
  • project editor
    edit projects, create templates
  • contract editor
    prepare different versions of contracts
  • Time tracker - employee attendance tracking
    the employee enters the PIN code and starts / stops the measurement
  • calculation of staff salaries
    per period / per contract
  • record costs
  • profit statistics
  • contact list
  • project comparison

  • print preview of the offer
    possibility to save to a PDF file via your browser
  • contract templates
  • view offer by room
  • view a offer by work category
  • provide discounts
  • send the project URL to the client
  • send a URL comparing two projects
    original bid → updated project

⏱ Time tracker
Data collected by attendance measurements are used in profit statistics and employee wage calculations.

RENOV.app allows recording the arrival and departure times of the employee - attendance tracking. Employee selects his four-digit PIN and starts / stops timing.

Here's how:

• Connect to the Internet on a dedicated device (smartphone, tablet, computer) and launch a web browser.

• Log in to the Time tracker:   renov.app/timetracker

You can also Log in to the Timetracker with an alternative password so you can safely trust your employees.

• After logging into the Time tracker, select the current project.

The project must be in "progress state" before it appears in the list. The project remains the default. You can change the project selection by clicking on the project name.

• The employee then dials his PIN code and can start and stop timing in a simple interface (data with GPS coordinates is sent to the server).

Employee can also write a note or indicate the type of work performed.

• Time tracker also includes a simple chat, description and items for the current project.

Try RENOV.app